Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Brouhaha Continues Over Gov. Sean Parnell's Job Offer to Nancy Dahlstrom

It is always interesting to see two political opposites in the media come together - in what amounts to be nothing more than a political temper tantrum. Well the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) editors joined the big brouhaha that was started by radio talk host and most-of-the-time whiner, Dan Fagan.

As was recently written in my commentary on Red County here and here, I stated that Parnell did not break the law. But barrister-wannabe Fagan made his legal decision that Governor Parnell broke the law and now the irrelevant editors at the Anchoarge Daily News have decided to throw their two cents in on the matter.

According to the editors at the ADN, in effect, Parnell broke the spirit of the law.

You have to ask, what the hell is the spirit of the law? You either broke the law or you didn't. There are no spirits in the law.

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