Sunday, September 19, 2010

Murkowski's Write-in Campaign Mocks the Death of Senator Stevens

Just when you think it can't get any worse than Murkowski's decision to want to do a "do-over" in getting elected; she has decided to call on and use everybody she can, to get elected.

This includes lobbyists and the late Senator Ted Stevens.

True to her self-absorbed form, she has decided to introduce legislation to name an ice field after Senator Stevens:

FAIRBANKS — On Thursday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced a piece of legislation that honors late Sen. Ted Stevens by naming the South summit of Mount Hunter and the northern half of the Chugach Ice Field after him.

While ignoring the spirit of the intent found in the words of Senator Ted Stevens:

“ . . . I do hope that we can avoid electing people who would destroy another Republican in order to bring about personal success."

I don't know who the Miller campaign has doing their research, but they are getting real good at it and using it effectively.

Lisa Murkowski stated she wanted to take the gloves off and make history at the same time - she is certainly doing that by mocking the death of Senator Ted Stevens.

Instead of honoring Stevens through ice fields, Murkowski should have honored the words of Ted Stevens; because Stevens would have honored the will of the voters in the Republican primary, not his supporters.

A true leader would have told their supporters to follow Miller.

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