Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Two Faces of Lisa Murkowski - Liar and Liar

It is official, Senator Lisa Murkowski has decided to throw her political future away on a write-in campaign. And to those Murkowski supporters, as far as I am concerned, don't come back complaining when your candidate loses.

And to those who say game on - this is no game. This is more like a war that will leave you and your candidate left with nothing other than the lies that were told by Murkowski and bought by you.

As I had asked on Red County before: Will Lisa Murkowski Pull a Charlie Crist?

There I had answered a question in the comments section:


I knew then, when I asked the question if Murkowski would seek a second shot at getting elected, she would not hold to her words on respecting the electorate and support the winner of the Republican primary.

Instead of honoring the pledge made, what the Senator is doing now is, she is using her supporters as a scapegoat for backing out on her pledge made to the public.

And because of Murkowski's dishonesty, there is also an interesting movement in some of Murkowski's supporters - make them former supporters who are now turning their Murkowski badges into Joe Miller badges and they are wearing them proudly.

Take one former Murkowski supporter Barbara Clinton, she will show you (in an environmentally sound manner) how to take your Lisa Murkowski badge and turn it into a Joe Miller badge.

I am here to tell you, these former Murkowski supporters are going to grow because they are starting to see the two faces of Lisa Murkowski: the liar who said she would respect the electorate but didn't and the liar who said she was a fiscal conservative when she never was.

I will have more on the Joe Miller press conference as I get the video I shot downloaded and incorporate it into another commentary, but in the meantime, Rick Small has posted a video that he took at the press event at the Miller HQ yesterday evening.

In closing, I had the chance to ask Joe about his stance on social security and I will talk about his response when I put together the story on David Haase who is running on the Libertarian ticket.

Jason Cline has been doing research on the Federal Reserve so we can address the concerns that Mr. Haase had, but I do know this from Mr. Haase, he was comfortable with Joe Miller's stances on many things; and Mr. Haase I would venture to say, at this point in time would support Joe if he were not running on the Libertarian ticket.

More to come.

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