Thursday, October 14, 2010

Club for Growth PAC - Asking Murkowski to Refund Some of Her Donations

As an Alaskan, I am happy to see an Outside interest taking an interest in Alaskans - and as I said previously in a Red County commentary: "To Hell With Politics": Lisa Murkowski Stabs Alaska Republicans in the Back

A few days ago, Murkowski challenged Joe Miller to return farm subsidies that he received in the 1990's - long before he was thinking about running for office; so here is an idea - as Murkowski stated "to hell with politics" - she should take her own advice and return all of the donations that were given to her by her former supporters who now are pissed-off because she lied to the electorate.

That should include the money ($5000.00) from SarahPAC - the $10,000.00 she accepted from the Senate Majority Fund - the $10,000.00 she accepted from the Republican Majority Fund.

That way, she can save what dignity she has left - wait, her dignity was lost when she started the write-in campaign.

To hell with politics like she said - she's a hypocrite who back-stabs Alaskans with their own money and money from the Outside.

Update: It looks like Murkowski hired a Seattle firm run by a Democratic strategist to help Murkowski run the write-in campaign.

You could say the political Gods are going to rescue some Alaskans (who donated to Murkowski) from Murkowski's attempt at creating a "political hell" for Joe Miller and 35-40% (depending on the MOE of the day) of Alaskans who support him.

WASHINGTON – Club for Growth PAC today launched a project to facilitate refunds for contributors to the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. As in a similar effort that cost Sen. Arlen Specter more than $800,000, Club for Growth PAC will contact more than 1,500 of Murkowski’s donors via mail.

“Lisa Murkowski received this money running as a Republican, and now she’s running against the Republican,” said Club President Chris Chocola. “She promised to support the winner of the Republican Primary, then broke her word.”

“Murkowski is running to defeat pro-growth conservative Joe Miller with dishonestly-gained funds from hard-working, honest Alaskans,” Chocola said. “We’re going to help them get it back. Opportunistic politicians like Lisa Murkowski need to understand that there are consequences for this kind of dishonesty.”

The mailing will include a letter explaining Murkowski’s broken promise to support the Republican Party nominee, and a letter addressed to the Murkowski campaign that donors can use to ask for their money back.
The political Gods Outside are certainly watching over Alaskans since Murkowski seems to think she is Alaska.

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