Saturday, October 30, 2010

Did Alaska's Media Plot Against Joe Miller?

In Alaska, it is well known the Alaska media has been biased in their reporting of Joe Miller.

Here at Red County, I have written about it here and here. And you could say the media in Alaska have treated Joe Miller the same as the media did when Ted Stevens was running against Mark Begich.

There is an irony and hypocrisy in that while Senator Murkowski wears the endorsement of Alaska's media, she is using Ted Stevens' name to promote herself.

Evidently, Senator Murkowski has forgotten how the media in Alaska treated former Senator Ted Stevens. But I am sure Joe Miller hasn't, because he has seen the biased attacks aimed at him.

But there is a catch this time, unbeknownst to a KTVA channel 11 newscaster, a conversation they held was recorded by a Miller campaign staffer's phone. It was done accidentally, mind you, because the stations assignment manager, Nick McDermott failed to hang up his cell phone properly after having called the Miller campaign. The conversation that followed between he and his co-workers is quite entlightening.


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