Friday, November 05, 2010

Will the Mike Dingmans of Alaska Cut Down the "Murkowski" Write-in Tally

There is great anticipation that Murkowski will win the write-in effort in Alaska, thus making history. She may very well do this.

But if she does, will the margin in her win, reflect her position that she represents a majority of Alaskans?

Currently, the votes tallied show the Write-in votes at 41% and Miller at 34%.

And question/absentee ballots remain. So, I checked a precinct that Joe had carried in the primary and I found the Write-in vote was ahead.

During the primary, Joe carried the precinct, so I would suspect that Miller will gain ground in the vote tally overall as absentee ballots from overseas and questioned ballot votes are counted.

And I say this because, the real interest in this tally is; how many people like contributor for The Alaska Standard Mike Dingman, voted for themselves or Donald Duck?

In a previous Red County commentary I had made the following statement:
As a side note to this; I came across an individual who was interviewed by Ms. Vauhini Vara from the Wall Street Journal. She had asked the individual when he was leaving the polling place, who he had voted for - and he replied that he had voted for himself in the U.S. Senate race.I found out the individual interviewed, had his friends (15) vote for him and three of those fifteen had their friends vote for them.
So I have to ask, how much of a motivator Murkowski's write-in was, in having people write-in other names?

Interestingly, Facebook was used in the individual's attempt to have his friends cast write-in votes for him that would not count.

So I am left wondering, how many of the voters who participated in the write-in vote, did so, for what in effect is none-of-the-above?

We will soon find out if the Mike Dingmans of Alaska will cut down the percentage of the "Murkowski" write-in votes as they are tossed out.

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