Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turn Your Tweets Into Herman Cain Iowa Dough

What is it about people who tweet and follow a candidate. You can have 1000s of followers and be popular as hell, but when it comes time to show some love in the form of donations, well the proof is in the pocket book.

Right now as it stands at the time of writing this blog entry, Herman Cain has only 457 pledged donations. He is trying to get 2500 pledgers by June 27.

I have to ask of those who haven’t donated to Herman Cain’s money bomb and follow him on Facebook or Twitter, what are you waiting for?

For him to lose in Iowa?

I watched the video clip below of Herman Cain telling a reporter off and I have to say, you are looking at a leader in action who gets things done.

I have been in the military and giant retail industry.

I have seen generals, majors, chief master sergeants, retail executives, front line managers and Herman Cain exemplifies what good leaders do.

Take a look at the video.

What you just witnessed is a leader who made his point and apologized for crossing a very thin line when he really didn’t need to.

The Iowa straw poll will be taking place soon and Cain is going to put skin in the game and to the people who like to tweet the talk about supporting Cain, you need to put your money where your tweets are.

I pledged $50.00 and have put my money behind my support.

If Cain doesn’t make the small 2500 pledges, the media will hound him with this.

Think about it as you tweet your support of Cain.

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Kelly Videography said...

I totally agree and I am guilty of not pledging yet. I get paid this week and I will for sure! It is very important!!!!