Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Donate to Herman Cain? Herman Cain Holds Highest Gallup Positive Intensity Score

Of all the current and potential GOP contenders, there is one candidate who continues to be at the top of Gallup’s positive intensity score.

What this means is with a top notch campaign staff, Herman Cain is the only candidate who can beat Obama.

Sarah Palin can’t do it. Her name brand has saturated the political scene and she continues to have low positive numbers. And her surrogates may try to do a re-branding through the documentary The Undefeated, but the film will attract her base that will not support another candidate.

Her low positive intensity score translates to a poor showing with non-partisan voters in a national presidential race.

Years ago, when she wasn’t chosen yet for the V.P. nominee, she was publicly warned as was Romney, to stay away from McCain.

Sarah Palin didn’t and Mitt Romney did and you can see the results of what is taking place.

Romney has name recognition close to Palin, but he leads in the polling data with a higher positive intensity score.

While both Palin and Romney lead the other candidates in name recognition, the Gallup poll does show a surge (+4) with Michele Bachmann and a decline (-5) with Cain and this is attributed to the flat showing that Cain had in the New Hampshire debate and Bachmann’s first time being in a debate.

While comparing Bachmann with Cain, both have a great story to tell on their personal lives, but Cain by far, has the best story.

The danger for Cain is; being viewed as a likable guy, but he can’t win against Romney and Bachmann.

Cain’s executive experience puts him above all candidates when it comes to fixing the economy and when it comes to foreign policy, there are no leading GOP candidates that have any meaningful foreign policy experience.

As was pointed out in the Gallup poll, name recognition is important and to get name recognition, you have to have money.

Right now, Herman Cain is running a modest money bomb and for a top-notch candidate like Cain to move out from the low name recognition, he will need some dough.

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