Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Herman Cain Proves the Pundits Wrong

There is something special that happened at the highly promoted GOP Florida straw poll that should leave egg on the faces of many political pundits who said the Herman Cain was washed up with only having a 50% name ID.

And contrary to pundits like Tony Lee at the Human Events, the Herman Cain won the straw poll because it was Herman Cain.

There were GOP delegates that bolted from Governor Perry so they decided to listen to a speech given by the Herman Cain and they became hooked. And laughably, Palin’s people are pimping on the conservative boards that Palin supporters voted for Cain.

That’s a joke, the Palinistas would go to their grave before voting for someone else. But hey if they want to portray themselves as gaming the system, have at it. Then there was the rumor that Romney instructed his supporters to vote for Cain. That too is a joke because it would put Romney further back and it doesn’t explain the huge turnout of people that showed up to see Herman Cain speak.

Having watched many speeches given by Cain, his speech before the folks in Florida was his best.

There is no other candidate or potential candidate that can come close to Cain and his ability to pull at the political heartstrings of voters.

The Herman Cain is a rare candidate in that he is not a politician but is a candidate that combines the speaking skills of Dr. King and President Reagan. In other words, Herman Cain is a presidential candidate like no other presidential candidate.

While pundits cast doubt on a Cain candidacy because he lacks political experience, tell that to Ross Perot who was pulling within striking distance until he went on how Bush et. al, was going to take pot shots at his family.

And then there is the famous loud mouth with the bad hair, Donald Trump who when he went public with a possible run, jumped ahead in the polls until his foul-mouth speech in Nevada pushed him out of contention.

The fact of the matter is, there is a double standard among pundits when it comes to Cain.

What will decide the GOP primary is who has the best solutions and doesn’t have the baggage of poor policy making. When you look at the current GOP field and potential list of candidates, Cain comes out on top.

Is this to say Cain will win? No. He still shows signs of not reading the political landscape and that was best displayed with a missed opportunity to hit back at president Obama and Romney by ignoring Michigan.

The primary in Michigan will be key in this election and as of yet, I have not seen Cain spending time there. If he had setup a deep infrastructure there early on, he could have followed on the heels of Obama’s visit to Detroit and would have garnered some press there. That in turn would have helped him in the recent straw poll where Romney came in first and Perry second.

The Cain campaign has now entered the Big Leagues and his staff need to study the political landscape so they can be better positioned to seize on opportunities that played out in Detroit. And they need to come up with some better answers on foreign policy like how do you deal with Russia and their support with Iran’s nuclear expansion.

As for Perry, he owns the comment on having no heart with school tuition for illegal immigrants and Cain can point to Perry and just say if that is how he and the citizens of Texas want to spend their tax dollars, so be it, but the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing the higher education of illegal immigrants.

For the pundits who discounted Herman Cain and pointed to Perry as the second coming of Reagan, you have been punk’d by the delegates in Florida.

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