Monday, October 03, 2011

Herman Cain is Right: You Can’t Take the Texas Democrat out of Governor Rick Perry

There is a big brouhaha setting up over Governor Perry’s family leasing some land that was used as a hunting reservation. The reason for the brouhaha is the land being leased had a name assigned to it.

The name was Niggerhead.

The name Niggerhead came to light because evidently there was a rock at the entrance to the hunting reservation that was painted with the name Niggerhead

In the reports, it sounds like the Perry family along with some others, leased a parcel of acreage within a 42,000 acre ranch that is owned by the Hendrick Home for Children. So the question has to be asked, who painted the word Niggerhead on the rock?

Did the owners of the Hendrick Home for Children put the name there or was it done by someone within the group associated with Perry’s family who leased the acreage from the owners of the ranch?

The argument on whether or not you could see the name is a red herring. The point is; it was put there by someone.

So the question is: who put the name on the rock and why? And if the rock with the name Niggerhead was there prior to the Perry family leasing the acreage, why would Perry’s family lease land from a group that would have the racist name on the rock displayed?

According to reports from Perry’s camp, the father of Governor Perry covered the rock with the name and hiding a name could have any agenda.

Interestingly, when the leasing of the property took place back in the 80’s, Perry was a Democrat who was lending his support to Al Gore and Al Gore praised Perry for his support and history shows Al Gore’s father was embroiled in a sensitive issue that dealt with race and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Back when the Civil Rights Act was being crafted, Gore Sr. opposed the Act and having grown up in a family of Democrats in Michigan, I saw my mother push the political ranks in the Michigan Democratic Party to support the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And knowing Michigan Democrat Representative James O’Hara was a proponent of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I find it common to see Southern Democrats who opposed their political brethren in the North over the Civil Rights Act.

This brouhaha over the rock reached presidential candidate Herman Cain and he answered with calling Perry’s actions insensitive.

Now there are Perry supporters crying foul and there are supposed conservatives attacking presidential candidate Herman Cain over his response to the news that Perry’s family was involved with leasing a hunting reservation that was named Niggerhead.

Cain called out Perry as being insensitive is correct.

Remember, it was Perry who called people who opposed his policy of school tuition for illegal immigrants as having no heart and it was Governor Perry who called Tom Tancredo a racist because he opposed Perry’s immigration policies.

From supporting Al Gore in 1988, to lending support in 1994 to Hillarycare, calling people who don’t support his immigration policies racist or not having a heart and now having his name embroiled in an insensitive leasing agreement with individuals who seem to have a history of having a racist view, it can be said Herman Cain is right and you can’t take the Texas Democrat out of Governor Perry.


Banana Breath said...

So Cain went to Moorehouse College, " a private, all-male, liberal arts, historically black college located in Atlanta, of three remaining "traditional men's" colleges in the United States."...

So we are to assume he is not only racist but sexist too...give me a break!

Tom said...

He went there because he was denied entrance to the University of Georgia because he was black. He was second in his high school class. Evidently you don't know the history of racism.