Friday, October 11, 2013

Perjury or Fraud: Is President Barack Obama a Birther and Islamophobe?

Since October 7th has come and gone and the President has expectedly not replied to my brief before the Alaska Supreme Court by October7th, the question in the above title is appropriate.

While the terminology “birther” has been placed on a group of people who believe President Obama was born in Kenya, in fair play, the question has to be asked: is the President a “birther” or just a fraud?

Before the “birther” term came to be in the 2008 presidential election, evidently in 1991, someone who published a booklet listed the President as being born in Kenya.

Now there have been public statements made to the effect that the printed statement was made in error.

Not exactly a compelling case of truth when you consider the State Department lied in court pleadings that the President never held a Kenyan citizenship when he did.

In fact, the President’s campaign posted on its Fight the Smears website that he indeed held a dual citizenship and one being a Kenyan citizenship. This being stated on the campaign site in 2008.

So why did the State Department in answering a complaint state on October 5th, 2009 “to the  extent this paragraph alleges that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States, or is or ever was a citizen of Kenya or British subject, those allegations are denied.”

Let the excuses fly – but the State Department misled the court after information was publicly posted by the Obama campaign to the contrary.

In another case, lawyers for the government argued in legal proceedings that the President was never a practicing Muslim – to the contrary that he was when he was in Indonesia.

Again the court was misled. And what is with the denial of being a practicing Muslim. Is this a case of a lawyer being an Islamophobe? Or just playing politics in pleadings by misleading the court.

What remains from the actions taken by the State Department and DOJ to mislead the court is: did the President enroll himself in college as a foreign student -  choosing his foreign citizenship over his American citizenship.

That can be answered by the Alaska Supreme Court with instructing the Superior Court in my case to order the release and inspection of the documents requested.

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