Saturday, October 26, 2013

Is The Alaska Dispatch Engaged in Vexatious Actions Against Joe Miller?

Earlier I had written a blog post with the title Is the Alaska Dispatch Chasing Joe Miller Into the Men's Bathroom.

In the post I had stated:

To summarize the actions of the Alaska Dispatch - Their attorney threatened Joe Miller with a bar complaint when he published an article on his website that is property of this website and permission was given Joe to publish the article. The Alaska Dispatch is arguing that Joe should not be able to pay for attorney fees from monies  associated with his senate campaign. And they threaten Joe with copyright infringement for the fair use of photos published on-line. It seems the Alaska Dispatch has been in a continuous legal fight with Joe Miller post election - and the latest events in the legal battle seem to favor Joe.

In a FEC advisory opinion issued by federal lawyers to the FEC, it states in summary that Joe Miller is allowed to pay for legal fees post election - with campaign monies.

What is interesting is: in the opinion, the federal lawyers pointed to ( Fn. 4)  the majority of legal fees awarded to the Alaska Dispatch were for attorney fees post election litigation - where Joe was the prevailing party.

So how is it that a prevailing party has to pay an award of attorney fees to a third party?

Could it be because the decision to award the attorney fees was ordered by a compromised Judge?  

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