Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Sequel to Sarah Palin’s The Undefeated: Vic Kohring’s Retrial

There is a sequel about to start in Alaska.

While Sarah Palin’s legally disconnected surrogates are out promoting the Sarah Palin docu-drama The Undefeated, the recently Un-Defeated Vic Kohring is getting another trial.

The narrative Palin fought corruption and Big Oil by pointing to the corruption trials is old news.

The new narrative is: Bill Allen via VECO and the prosecution were involved in misconduct.

And as a side bar question: Is Judge Beistline crazy? : "Everyone in this room know more about this case than I do," Beistline said, then added, "but I read the papers."

So the Judge gets brought up to speed on a case by reading the Anchorage Daily News?

God Save the Queen, William Fulton and the Joe Millers of the world is all I have to say.

The nuts will come out of the woodwork for that asinine comment.

It will be interesting to see if Kohring’s defense can pick up on what looks to be a case of entrapment.

I said in 2007, the prosecution wouldn’t get the count of extortion, and there are red flags indicating entrapment.

Submitted by tlamb775 on October 26, 2007 - 6:10pm.
has counts of extortion against him. It seems Allen's testimony just shut that down. Unless of course the prosecution can pull a rabbitt (sp) out of the hat to go along with the money for the Easter egg hunt.


Allen's testimony is getting more dicey.... sounds like Allen liked to keep people on a leash with money and threatened them with I own your ass or other similar warm fuzzy words while feeling "real" bad for them.

Nice guy.

The prosecution didn't get their extortion conviction, Kohring was cleared of the extortion charge.

While Sarah Palin and the Left were shouting corruption, they missed the obvious.

The testimony of Bill Allen is contrived as well is the evidence that was submitted on Vic Kohring.

The prosecution has no credible lead witness to convict Kohring.

And Alaskans damned near didn’t convict Kohring in the first trial, so they won’t in this one because like the Judge, honest Alaskans (not the crazed ones) can read the headlines about Ted Stevens and know that the Anchorage Daily News had an agenda.

And just for a point of legal maneuvering, the defense would be smart to ask the Judge to clarify his remarks on he “reads the news” to get an understanding of a case.

Is Vic Kohring’s Entrapment, the sequel to Sarah Palin’s The Undefeated?

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